This just in.

Very sad to report the demise of the exclamation point. It ceased to mean anything this morning at 9:21 am PST. Cause of death: overwork.

Doctors and grammarians warn that the quotation mark is also in very bad shape.

I was listening to too many songs with Hey! lyrics today.

Also, I would argue the ellipsis is on the verge too.

Something that made you smile today?



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3 responses to “obituary

  1. I can’t say this death comes as any great surprise. As for the demise of the ellipsis, I put the blame squarely on emoticons.

  2. kelly

    i had t google ellipseses as I had forgotten what those were called…

    in doing so I also learned about Guillemets, solidus, and obelus.

    The one I quite like and feel that would have been useful many times is the Interrobang. I’m sure you know this being the word master that you are but it is the ? and ! superimposed

  3. Barb: Mainly the winky one. Always causing confusion.

    Kelly: Actually, I didn’t know that. Strange word though.

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