hoping that the weather forecast is right, and that the rain will lift for this afternoon. we’re co-running an event at the museum, and most of it is outside. although, admittedly, i won’t be to disappointed if i don’t have to set up all the stuff outside.

trying not to let other people’s inaction upset me.

happy to be able to wear stockings and boots now.  goodbye summer dresses.

even happier that The National added another date to their Vancouver trip. now, i just need to find someone to come with.

not surprised i enjoyed Patton Oswalt’s latest comedy special more when i just listened to it as a record opposed to watching it on the t.v. there’s just something about listening to a joke, much like reading a book, where you can imagine the rest that makes the voice stronger.

already thinking about pumpkin pie, even though Thanksgiving is three weeks away.

thinking that i’ve underestimated the saxophone.

currently…you are?



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3 responses to “currently…

  1. Packing. I seem to be doing a lot of that lately.

    Also trying to connect with the offspring as I will be incommunicado all week.

    Great news on the second National date! Surely you’ll find a likeminded person!

  2. kelly

    i looove pumpkin pie! That and lemon meringue are my favourites. OK, except for coconut cream I never met a pie I didn’t like

  3. Barb: And now I guess you’re unpacking? ;)

    Indeed, I did. Can’t wait!

    Kelly: I usually only eat pie at Thanksgiving. Can’t wait to get a pumpkin and roast the seeds and then make pie. Yum!

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