She pops onto Skype and sends a waving emoticon at me through a chat window.

I hit the video call button, as it seems repetitive to send another one back.

Hi (waves).

Hi (waves).



She’s laying down on her couch, wrapped in a Hudson’s Bay blanket. Sick, she tells me. She nods to my blanket cape. Migraine, I say. Collective sigh. Updates on life in the last few weeks since I’ve seen her. I ask her how the weight of her ring feels. She laughs, weird.

She shows me pictures of the wedding, which I was at, but can’t seem to recall all that clearly even though it was only a few weeks ago. Everything looks different airbrushed. She tells me she is submitting them to a magazine called Real Life Weddings, or somewhat. I bite my tongue about to make sarcastic comment on the name of the magazine. She, however, can see through my “poker face” and tells me to go ahead.

I tell her about the job I almost applied for earlier in the day, and we make a pro/con list about contract work and moving. Had this conversation been taking place 5 years ago the outcome would have been different, but even in my restless state, I can feel the roots starting to poke through. I want a bigger reason to jump ship besides just the money. Yet if you’re planning on moving back East anyway, what’s stopping your from taking a contract job in the city over now?

Nothing. Everything. Because at the end of that contract it would mean I’d really have to move back.



I just don’t know, is this it?



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2 responses to “eject

  1. Hmmmm, big questions, no easy answers. But it’s good to have friends to bounce those questions off.

  2. iduality

    Yes, always good to have another opinion in the mix.

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