i love…

When I’m woken up with a text that reads:

“Did you know you can download movies on the internet?”

Because really, one should always start the day off laughing.

Something that made you laugh today?



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3 responses to “i love…

  1. Let me guess – the parental units? They are so cute!

    I laughed a triumphant laugh when I was able to revert back to my old template today. Does that count?

    I also laughed at the SRK today, as I often do, when I discovered her sleeping soundly with her legs tangled all around her head.

  2. Yes, indeed.

    Most definitely! Glad you were able to save all your links. I’ll have to come over and see our new template. :)

  3. kelly


    these pictures made me smile and giggle so much today. I loved them. I dunno maybe it was just the right time,

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