Don’t pretend you haven’t done this before.

It’s warm on the second floor of the museum, if I had a fan like this I just might be inclined.

It’s funny, I have a phobia towards most fans (which is why I covet these), but it’s mainly towards ceiling fans. I find them incredible unnerving, and can’t even fathom sleeping with one overhead. Helicopters scare the crap out of me as well.

I’m cool with windmills though. Probably because they are extremely out of reach.

Do you have any phobias?



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9 responses to “bladeless

  1. kelly

    Have you looked at those Dyson fans? I couldn’t believe the cost of them, thus I didn’t buy one.
    Yes I’ve done that as well a sticking my finger in the blades to stop it and squirting water in it.
    I don’t think I have any real phobias although I’m finding as I get older more and more things make me pause and unnerve me. Ahhh for the fearlessness of youth

  2. They are crazy expensive, yes. Cool technology though. Unless I was living back in Ontario without A/C I’d never have a use for a fan.

    I’ve always been a slightly paranoid 80 year old in disguise.

  3. It’s just not a real fan without the blades! Flirting with death just makes the coolness so much sweeter.

    I have a ceiling fan directly above my bed, and I run it most summer nights. I have to admit that any change in sound makes me imagine it crashing down and decapitating me in my sleep.

    As for phobias and fears, Kelly summed it up perfectly.

  4. Ha ha, I’d have to disagree.

    Yes, this is my fear! You’ve seen me run from skunks, you should see me with fans. ;)

  5. I love singing into fans! :)

  6. kelly

    that’s the downside of those Dyson fans, you wouldn’t get that wonderful warbley sound when you sing into it. I’m thinking a choir of people singing into fans would be quite entertaining.

    Also been re-thinking the fear/phobia thing. I fin d the thought of getting severely burnt or dieing in a fire to be terrifying as well as the idea of slowly drowning. This may sound odd considering I work as a firefighter and I use to work as a commercial geoduck diver (yikes this was close to 25 years ago). My theory is that having been in those environment I’ve seen the power of both fire and the ocean. I’ve inhaled a bit too much smoke and felt the heat of fire that did cause a bit of concern. I’ve never been in what I would consider a “close call”. Perhaps it’s just more of a healthy respect than fear because I still go to work and I still go out on the water when possible.

  7. Of course I have done that with fans! But I also once ripped a fingernail off on a blade, and all I was trying to do that time was shift the fan’s position a little. Hurt like a mofo.

    Most, if not all, houses/schools/buildings here have ceiling fans in every room, so they’re pretty much a norm, But like Barb, the wobbly ones make me imagine incredibly gruesome decapitation scenes.

  8. Mel:It’s a fun pastime isn’t?

    Kelly: I wouldn’t necessarily call those phobias, but definitely a fear. Shared by most.

    Thanks for the link! I can’t believe there’s a word for misheard lyric!

    BAP: That’s definitely something I have a hard time getting past. Thankfully most of my life is ceiling fan free at the moment. ;)

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