i can hear those bells

I was at the market this afternoon, closely inspecting the nectarines as they went into my basket, when someone quickly walked by me, leaned in and said, “That dress looks amazing on you.”

I barely had time to turn my head and mumble a thank-you before he disappeared down a different aisle, leaving me with a nectarine turned up in my hand and a dazed look.

How often does one get random compliments like that?

I now must pay it forward.

Something small that’s made your day?



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8 responses to “i can hear those bells

  1. kelly

    that was nice especially since he didn’t stick around and hit on you. So don’t we get to see a pic of the dress?

    Last week when I was in starbucks buying a molasses ginger cookie there was a woman with the deepest blue colour in her hair along with a dark shiney black, I’m thinking you would call it cobalt but I’m not great on colours. I thought about telling her that I thought it looked amazing but I wasn’t sure if I should or what she would think of me.

  2. The lean and dash compliment was part of the charm. No pic, just a multi-coloured sundress.

    Hair compliments are always nice. Try the lean and dash technique!

  3. ali

    That’s lovely! I agree that it keeps its charm when it’s just a compliment without the person sticking around and trying to grab a phone number.

    This is a slightly odder, less charming encounter: last time I was at the airport some guy asked me what perfume I was wearing because it smelled amazing and he wanted to buy some for a gift. I politely told him, than quickly found an excuse to relocate to a seat on the other side of the departure lounge. Who goes around smelling people in airports?

  4. Most definitely.

    Well, I can smell even a small amount of perfume on someone so perhaps he had a good nose. Plus, given how airports usually smell, you probably stood out as a welcome improvement. ;)

  5. What were you wearing? !! What a wonderful story.

    The only thing I have to offer is that the Spousal Unit cheerfully agreed to take the ferry to Granville Island even though he thought it meant walking down to English Bay, instead of just Sunset Beach.

  6. Just a regular sundress. Much like the one I was wearing on Saturday, but more multi-coloured.

    Glad you guys took the ferry tour. Hope you enjoyed the rest of your time in Van!

  7. f-dog

    Someone told me I looked good in a dress once, but that was years ago

  8. I think I’ve heard that…I’ll need photographic evidence to confirm though. ;)

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