listening to the new Wilco album. stopped me in my tracks this afternoon. i love when music can pull you out of what you are doing. great way to kickstart fall.

thinking i should really to a load of laundry and vacuum before i head out later today.

eager to catch-up with my favourite Zombie clan this evening.  we always have a great visit.

starting to become optimistic about the Botox treatment. no migraine today.

debating working the holiday on Monday. could definitely benefit from banking the time. what are your plans for the weekend?

currently…you are?



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5 responses to “currently…

  1. Drying off after a swim, about to make some chicken wings and thinking you need to take Monday off after your first migraine free day in a while! Say hey to the Zombies for me!

  2. I’m leaning towards taking it off too. Sounds like you’re having a good weekend too! Was a lovely catch-up with the Zombie clan, as always.

  3. That was such fun last night! I am still amazed at the wealth of skunks in this area; would never have known this if we hadn’t gone for our skunk walk.

    I am currently contemplating checking out some stores along Davie that I have previously ignored.

    Hey to you too, Dale!

  4. kelly

    processing some freshly caught crab

    enjoying that the saskatchewan roughriders won a game

    searching for a cord to download pictures i took yesterday

  5. Barb: I know! I can’t believe how many we saw. Totally need to feed them cherries next time. ;)

    The Bookwarehouse is always a good store to wander into. Enjoy the rest of your visit!

    Kelly: Mmm fresh crab sounds good!

    Hope you can find your usb cord.

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