quite proud of myself for braiding and curling my own hair. it’s harder than it looks. and for anyone who knows me knows my hair is typically bone straight, so it’s nice to see a loose curl. the occasion? another wedding to attend this weekend, and tonight a party at Edible BC. lots of yummy food, i’m sure.

falling in love again with The Naked and Famous. one of my favourite albums of the year.

contemplating putting a shelf together i picked up at IKEA yesterday.

glad i decided to sign up for another writing class this fall.

wondering what to have for late lunch so it won’t spoil my dinner. probably fish tacos.

wishing all Saturdays were this leisurely.

currently…you are?



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7 responses to “currently…

  1. Go you re. the hair. I’m someone who has to flat iron to get that straight look so I’m pretty jealous.

    Currently, I’m making salmon & corn on the cob for dinner and stressing about all the things I have to do next week.

  2. Your hair look aces! I hope all the wedding festivities are loads of fun.

    I’m glad to hear about the writing course. I’m increasingly coming to the realization that I need to do something this fall. Like get a real job.

    I’m currently patting myself on the back for a successful foray into cherry processing.

  3. roughriders

    good job on the hair!
    Coincidentally putting a shelf together, although not ikea, for an elderly neighbour/friend. Also have to dismantle her sauna as she gave that to her granddaughter.

    One of my favouritest lunches are the fish tacos at the Atlas Cafe

    “day fish & wild salmon crispy tacos with ancho pepper aioli & fruit salsa, served with caesar salad & firecracker rice”

  4. kelly

    sigh….apparently I cant do 2 things at once…..I also had the newspaper open my desk reading about the saskatchewan roughriders and typed that as my name

  5. WC: Those with naturally straight wish they had curly, isn’t that how it works? ;)

    Salmon and Corn sound great! Hope it turned out well.

    Barb: Thanks! So far everything has been pretty good, off to go to the ceremony shortly here. It’s such a gorgeous day out too!

    I’m impressed with all your cherry baking, etc. Hats off to you! Been carving cherries now. Have to remedy that.

    Kelly: It’s alright – I figured it out. Hope dismantling the sauna wasn’t too taxing!

    Mmm, those do sound good!

  6. Your hair looks gorgeous! Mine is ridiculously curly and near impossible to tame, so I do envy the folks with effortless loose curls.

    Ooh so you’d recommend The Naked and Famous’ album? I’ve only heard and loved one track off it – Young Blood. Been having reservations about listening to the whole thing.

  7. Thanks! We all want the hair we don’t have, right?

    Well, if you didn’t like the single, you probably won’t like the album. I like a good dose of pop every now and again. Take a listen to “All of This” and it another single. If it doesn’t take, don’t bother with the rest. ;)

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