collectible collectibles

I know I’ve abandoned my “7 random photos” posts but that is because I use Tumblr so much, it was starting to get a bit repetitive for me to post heaps of pictures here. I have however found a new rabbit hole I’d love to introduce you to…


My page is here.

It’s a virtual inspiration board. If you’re anything like me and you collect photographs and links from the web, and use them for other projects, but quickly forget where the original source was, this is a great site for you. Even if you just like to be inspired by beautiful things. There is a board for everything. I just learned of the site, so my page is a bit sparse, but something I know I’ll use in the future. Also, a nice procrastination tool when you need a bit of a break. The one downside, you have to link it to either your Twitter of Facebook account. I was a tad annoyed at this, however, you don’t have to register to view the site.

Other links of note you’ve found recently?



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9 responses to “collectible collectibles

  1. You have collected a lot of very lovely photos already. Not sparse in the least, actually. Categorized and everything, although I would expect no less…

  2. sparse in comparison to some pages. i’ve added more since i posted this too. i love how you can organize everything into categories – perfect for my OCD. ;)

  3. kelly

    you are very organized, nice.
    would any of those tattoos be yours perchance?

  4. No, and I only have one piece that’s on the scale of those tattoos I have pinned. It’s on my back, and next to impossible to photograph on my own, sadly.

  5. I love that you have a category just for collectible doorknobs :) I did not even know those were a thing. The TARDIS quilt under “Geekery” is amazing.

  6. I have made a doorknob documentary, too. ;)

    I know, right?! I know a few people who would love that.

  7. kelly

    i would roll my eyes about the doorknob documentary but….i took a whack of pictures of doors while in France.

  8. kelly

    i blame my clumsiness on intermittent 3-D vision

  9. kelly

    oh rats…as I hit “post comment” I realized that was a comment on your comment on my page and then I realized it was on the wrong page.

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