i wonder what a grape cherry would taste like?

I’m addicted to Pluots.

Have you tried this delicious hybrid fruit?

A combination of a plum and an apricot, it’s really the perfect amount of sweetness. I will admit to being a bit leery of hybrid fruit after tasting a Grapple (grape/apple). Thankfully, Pluots taste nothing like them. Bonus – also fun to say.

If you could combine two fruits, what would they be and what would you call the creation?



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8 responses to “i wonder what a grape cherry would taste like?

  1. Yeah, grapples are unholy. Maybe I’d do pineapples and coconuts and I’d call them pina coladas. Or apples and oranges, I’d call them comparables. In all seriousness, I’m finding this difficult. Rhubarb and strawberries go good in pies, so maybe a single fruit would make it easier? Strawbarb? Ruberries?

  2. I think the Pluots work because both fruits are the same consistency.

    I like the idea of Rhubarb mixed with something, and Ruberries is a great name. I switch the strawberries for raspberries though. :)

  3. kelly

    I had those but they were sold as black apricots.

    If they could grow the fruit already made into pie I would be thrilled…Imagine an apple pie tree!

  4. I’ve also seen them called plumcots as well.

    That would be delicious.

  5. I was all prepared to tell you how uneasy I was about these hybrids, and then I read John’s comment about pina coladas… I don’t think I can top that.

  6. Remember how you resisted the Honey Crisp apple and how sweet those are? I will bring you a Pluots as a welcome gift when I see you in a few weeks. ;)

  7. ali

    I love pluots! They are very tasty.

    I’d want to try a hybrid of mango and pineapple. A ‘pingo’. Or perhaps a ‘maneapple’.

  8. I almost prefer them to plums.

    Mmm, mango and pineapple sounds good. I like ‘pingo’ – more fun to say!

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