cable or botox?

I was thinking about getting cable at the start of next month. Primarily for the Food Network, as some of their shows are hard to find online. Yet I was wobbling back and forth as it is so bloody expensive, and just not a necessity for me. Still, I was still saving a bit for it just in case.

Then I went to visit the neurologist on Tuesday and we decided drugs were not working. 6 days out of the week I’ve had a migraine, for months, so I’d say, no, the drugs weren’t working.

My next option? Botox.

Between 12-20 injections; forehead, temples, head and neck.

The drug itself cost $400 and then there is a $150 “injection fee” and treatment lasts 2-3 months – if it works.

If it does, after a few treatments there is a possibility my migraines will go away. If it doesn’t? Well apparently that’s my last option, so I’m really hoping it does.

So, my cable fund is going to my migraine treatment. Unless of course my health insurance comes back and tells me the experimental treatment is covered.

In that case I’ll be expressionless in my living room watching Chopped.



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10 responses to “cable or botox?

  1. It’s no real surprise, but I am still sorry to hear that the drug regimen is ineffective. Botox has been approved as a migraine treatment, hasn’t it? At least in the US. So I think you would have a very valid case to take to your insurance company, although they can certainly be bastards about such things.

    When do you expect to go for treatment?

  2. It depends on the insurance company really – they couldn’t approve it right away. I had to file extra forms, with a letter from the doctor. I did that on Wednesday and they said it’d take 2 weeks to go through.

    With my plan I still have to pay upfront and then I’m reimbursed. I go for the treatment on August 25th. Not much longer, thankfully!

  3. What would I do without the Food Network? I hope the insurance company comes through for you so you can afford to see Chopped!

  4. I download a lot of the shows thankfully. Chopped and Cupcake Wars are usually posted. It’s Triple D and the other cake shows I miss.

  5. Botox for migraines? Your blog has suddenly become educational.

  6. Yes, I first posted about it a few months back, apparently it’s been used for a while now and they predict in the next decade it will be used more for pain than for cosmetic purposes.

    I think I’m going to video blog about the process; before/after. Could be terrifying. We’ll see. ;)

  7. 20 injections to the face?? That had better fix those migraines, I’m telling you. Hope the insurance comes through for you as well. And the Food Network too, because what is life without the Food Network (nothing).

  8. kelly

    I hope the botox works for you, I can’t imagine that many migraines. Must be exhausting. Now, if you were old enough to have wrinkles it would be a bonus to get rid of those

  9. BAP: More head and neck – I’d be severely freaking out it they planned to inject my face like that. Hoping insurance does as well. Won’t find out until next week. Have you seen Cupcake Wars? I’m addicted.

    Kelly: It is. Harder now as I’m not taking anything for them, so I’m just napping a lot. Too bad you can’t do that at work…

    Thankfully, no wrinkles yet.

  10. kelly

    and because I’m such a good guy…….

    I’ll do it for half the injection fee.

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