welcome to the working week

I love coming into work on Monday and finding notes taped to my computer monitor. Today I found…

Till seems broken?

Please research how to properly unroll birch scrolls.

Students haven’t been running things through the till – using it as a money drawer instead.

Pocket watch still missing. However, cabinet door fixed. Still seems wonky?

Yet, this one is my favourite:



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10 responses to “welcome to the working week

  1. That’s one of those notes that either makes you want to laugh or cry…

    What is the BYO?

  2. Acronym for one of our museum buildings here.

    Yes, thankfully it made me laugh. Although it was a bit of a facepalm moment. ;)

  3. kelly

    what did the vaccuum suck up?

  4. That’s a Tuesday task. I’m not at that building today. I’ll report back!

  5. Having to deal with vacuum mishaps is something they probably left out of your university curriculum! Post-it notes are the ultimate tool if you want to be passive-aggressive and not leave a lasting trace of your comments.

  6. At least the note was signed?

    One wonders exactly how dangerous said sucked up item is. Perhaps it was a puddle of plutonium? Or a fire-breathing dragon? The possibilities are endless.

  7. kelly


    what was it that got sucked up?

  8. It was a battery. I just had to shake the vacuum a bit and we got it out.

    Can’t teach common sense. Unfortunately.

  9. kelly

    good grief…

    funny thing about common sense…it isn’t all that common

  10. I’m reminded of that every week with the summer students. Only a few more weeks!

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