down in the valley

Thinking that all I really want to do is just head down to the record store, but not wanting to deal with the crowds from the Celebration of Light, we’re going to drive to Harrison instead. Shall rent some bikes and cruise through the trails. It’s a warm enough day for these parts anyway.

Need some new music for the car, and thankfully I have good friends that pass along such gifts.

“Down in the Valley” – The Head and the Heart

What are you listening to these days?



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3 responses to “down in the valley

  1. How curious, I am listening to the Head and the Heart a lot myself these days. Hearing that Zach Condon was to be a guest on Q today reminded me of the fine Beirut album that was so kindly shared with me a while back as well.

  2. iduality

    Thank-you so much for passing that along to me, I’ve really been enjoying it. Isn’t that Beirut album lovely too? I’m sad about not being able to see them here next week. Sold out too fast!

  3. The Head and the Heart are gorgeous! Glad you’ve had the chance to get into them. I’m very much into mixes these days, and I am seriously loving this one by Fuel/Friends :

    The Typhoon, Ryan Tanner, and Lost Lander tracks are total GEMS.

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