always go for the jugular

I’m in holiday hangover mode.

Wishing I was still curled up in a muskoka chair reading a book, a cool libation within reach.

Seeing as I’m sat in front of my computer screen taking a break from some titillating data entry I thought I’d post this list I read this morning: Most Frequently Looked-Up Words on NY

How many of the words stump you?

There are definitely a few I had to look up, samizdat being one. However, most of the list I recognized. I was surprised that the word that had 913 look-ups is the title for this blog.

No shame in having to look up a word though. The rule after finding its definition is you have to use it in a sentence that day. At least that’s what I try to do for myself.



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6 responses to “always go for the jugular

  1. Okay panegyric had me stumped, but misdemeanor having 1535 look ups? I’m surprised at some of the words on these lists as well.

    Happy to hear that the data entry has been titillating, but I am sure Muskoka chair lounging would be preferable.

  2. iduality

    I know, some of them were quite surprising!

    I saw so many muskoka chairs back east, I’m thinking of opening up a shop here. I think they’d sell like hotcakes considering all the transplants here.

  3. kelly

    On the weekend there was a couple arts / crafts festivals here. I head down to one of them every year because they have the mini donuts. (Yes, they spell it “donuts” and I still think it unofrtunate that we are so lazy that we had to drop 3 letters) and I love mini donuts and only get them once a year. Anyhow, about the chairs, one booth makes beautiful wooden muskoka chairs and they make them in a few different heights with the back slanted differently to fit different size people. Sigh….no mini donuts for another 360ish days

  4. I saw lots of different styles while I was on holiday too. Many are coming in the hard plastic material too these days.

    I had a mini doughnut with my lunch!

  5. kelly

    how could you only have one mini doughnut? I’m glad there are only 13 in a bag or I would eat more!

  6. They came in a pack of two. I had one, and the Boy had the other. They were the white powered sugar kind.

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