mandarin oranges and goat cheese

After a copy of Q magazine and a few hours of the Food Network I made it back to the lower mainland safe and sound. I fly for the cable, really.

I learned a few things on this holiday:

my migraines are just as bad back east.

roasted chickpeas are not as good as roasted soy nuts.

with or without drink my mom will never understand the directions to any board game. any game besides charades she plays like charades though, which is hilarious because she’s awesome at non charades charades.

early morning bike rides bring the most peace.

how to sleep in again.

never to talk politics to my brother.

that i rock at playing bean bags.

that a little paint can make a world of difference.

And now I have two days before I have to go back to work, another weekend if you will, because of the holiday on Monday. Given that the weather is gorgeous a trip to Grouse Mountain is in order. I haven’t been to North Van in a while and I want to ride the pod turbine!

How are you spending the long weekend?





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3 responses to “mandarin oranges and goat cheese

  1. I think I really really want to play a board game with your mother!

    It sounds like you had a mostly glorious vacation. I so agree with the beauty of an early morning bike ride. Early morning walks are also pretty grand.

    It’s good that you have allowed yourself a couple of days to unwind from the travel! Have fun on Grouse!

  2. kelly

    unfortunately, mostly working for both of us

  3. Barb: It’s always amusing, I will admit. I love having her on my team.

    I’m wishing I had a bike, I need to look into buying a used one.

    We didn’t end up going into the pod turbine, the cable car ride up the mountain was enough and I’m feeling it now. Took some great photos though!

    Kelly: Boo and hiss! Hopefully you’ll get holiday pay?

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