taking in the scenery

I’ve now been on holiday for a week and although it’s enjoyable being partially unplugged (checking in every so often via smartphone), I’m starting to feel a tad disconnected. I’d like cottage life with all the modern amenities. Although does that defeat the purpose?

We are headed into town tomorrow; either going to travel down Blue Mountain on these mini bobsleds or going to the scenic caves. I’ll be wearing a helmet regardless. Stay tuned for pictures…



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3 responses to “taking in the scenery

  1. Bobsledding or spelunking? Why don’t you try something that you don’t do every other day?

    It does sound like a great deal of fun! But, as someone whose cottage does not yet boast indoor plumbing, I agree that cottages really do need all the conveniences of life.

  2. kelly

    blue mountain? that’s around Collingwood and Thornhill, yes? If so, I spent a week there one spring. It’s a beautiful area.

  3. Barb: It was actually a lot of fun – as I mentioned on Google+ – just like a self controlled roller coaster.

    I’m glad to be back home in my own bed, with my laptop. Cottage life is fun, but not for extended periods.

    Kelly: Yes, it’s in Collingwood and near Thornbury, which is where my parents have a place. Really lovely area, I enjoyed spending time there growing up, and it was nice to go back for a visit.

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