I’ve always been perplexed by lawn ornaments, especially my parents fascination with gnomes. However, the most disturbing new addition to the backyard has to be the pants growing marigolds.

I’m going to look for some upper body cavity planters for them for Xmas.



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5 responses to “marigolds

  1. Looks like they are filming a zombie movie in your parents’ yard! I completely understand your discomfort.

  2. ali

    I thought I misread that and had to go back and read ‘pants growing marigolds’ a few times before I came to the conclusion it was a typo. Then I scrolled down to the photo. Gah.

  3. Must be a regional thing… I’ve noticed a great number of half toddlers adorning the gardens of Southwestern Ontario. Anyone under 54 find them creepy, above that and they’re all over them. Considering your love for puppets your garden discovery must have been quite horrifying.


  4. kelly

    google “zombie gnome” . You could replace the other garden gnome with it

  5. Barb: Rhe lawn ornaments would make a great zombie film backdrop. ;)

    Ali: Photos are always needed when dealing with a visit to the parents.

    Sean: Yes, it is a regional thing – I noticed those in a few yards! There must have been a giant sale somewhere ;)

    Kelly: Ha! I’ll have to look out for one of those.

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