watching my hair expand in the heat, due to the humidity. thinking for my friends wedding this afternoon i should braid it.

listening to Sam snore.

eating grapes, nestled into a muskoka chair in the backyard.

thinking i might need a nap before the festivities this afternoon. the time difference always is so hard to adjust too. and what’s a vacation without afternoon naps?

had forgotten how much i enjoy listening to Nick Cave.

still smiling over HP 7:2. twas a brilliant filmic ending to that series. it was better than they last 3 films combined.

currently…you are?



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5 responses to “currently…

  1. Nick’s been on my radar again lately, love him! How big did your hair get?

  2. I normally have bone straight hair, so it was definitely out a few inches in volume. I had to braid it to keep it from getting away from me. :)

  3. kelly

    having no hair to expand I can’t relate to that part.

    thinking a muskoka chair and grapes sound quite wonderful, add a book and I would be napping in no time.

  4. Yes, there has been lots of reading going on this week!

  5. My hair never grew longer when I lived in SW Ontario, it just got bigger and bigger.

    Long live Muskoka chairs!

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