to be dealt with after vacation

The renovation unearthed a lot of inconsistencies with the collection.

Hardly anything that I took away had storage locations, and we are in the midst of a storage crisis, so it’s made things a bit challenging.

I also started discovering unlabeled banker’s boxes with unaccessioned objects that predated my employment by years. Also realized that my boss had been putting stuff in there, without mentioning it to me. Knowing full well that they were nowhere near where I do my intake.

So I started labeling the boxes like the above picture.

I’m thinking of adding sub-headlines to all the boxes now. At least for stuff in my office. For example, with my tape/glue box, as people keep stealing my doubled sided tape.

Allison’s Office Supplies: What are you about to use this tape for?

a) To put up something on the wall.

b) For display purposes

c) For paper purposes. 

If you answered C go ahead. If you answered A or B, please smack yourself in the head.

In a somewhat related note, while cleaning the display closet I found this. Acceptable to scare my students with it? A few of them keep whingeing about the spiders. I mean it’s clearly fake, but think it could startle. Thoughts?



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7 responses to “to be dealt with after vacation

  1. Oh the spider would freak me out! Don’t do it! You’ll traumatize someone!

  2. Really? I think it’s too large to be taken seriously…

  3. kelly

    do it!

    i use to have a 5 ft rubber snake that did the trick…I wonder whatever happened to it

  4. Yes, use the spider while reciting “Little Miss Muffet”. This should sort your students into two piles… ;-)

  5. I think I’m going to attempt a scare, knowing they might try and get me back. ;) I’ll let you know how it goes!

  6. Use the power of the spider! And then tell them that spiders are our friends, put on this earth to protect our dwindling double-sided tape resources.

  7. I’m going to save it for after vacation. Muhahaha!

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