I woke up this morning to my phone buzzing at me, reminding me I had a Skype date in an hour.

I sunk back into the pillow for a few brief minutes, hoping to be carried back to dreamland. No such luck, my stomach immediately became aware that I was no longer in sleep mode and demanded my attention. I hobbled sleepily into the kitchen; one slipper in hand, one on my foot and started making weekend breakfast. While the eggs were cooking, I fired up the laptop, turned on the telly, muting CTV and turning on closed captioning. Eggs done,  I sat down to do morning interneting. Few quick e-mails, check Twitter, check Google+, log onto Facebook…secretly hoping the latest version had disappeared overnight. Again, no such luck.

Why is it I love change in my real life, but I resist social networking change? I think it’s because (at least with Facebook) you can’t readily opt out of things. It’s probably the least flexible networking site there is, yet the most used. Ah well. I’ll stick to my Twitter and Google+ and enjoy my eggs without rage-fueled fist shakes towards Mark Zuckerberg.

What’s your stance on social networking? Favourite site?



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2 responses to “googlefacetweet

  1. It depends on what I have to say and how much time I want to spend on the subject. For a lengthy conversation, it’s blog format for me.
    Facebook is okay for a quick check/quick blurt, if you ignore all the crap along the sides.
    I think Google+ will be good once I have my circles better populated. I do like that you can adjust your privacy levels to suit the individuals.
    I just cannot get into Twitter though.

  2. I agree, I think it will take a few years but more people will look for Google+ as a stronger alternative to Facebook, once more integration takes place.

    You did put in a good effort on Twitter. :)

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