with a red gun

I think it’s fair to say I adapt to change quickly.

I am, however, slowly realizing this is not the case for everyone. That my spontaneous nomadic attitude can frighten some.

Not everyone jumps head first into situations without an exit strategy. Others are more methodical, weighing the pros and cons, less impulsive. I believe part of the reason I fit easily into different situations is that my imagination is always on full blast, and I tend to see the end through the chaos, clutter and caution before most.

Perhaps this also comes from years of reading magazines backward.

How do you deal with change? Would you consider yourself a risk taker?



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2 responses to “with a red gun

  1. I am definitely in the methodical camp. I need to have all the facts and weigh all the risks and benefits before I jump in. Perhaps I should have read more magazines back to front…

    Some would say that I take risks, but that’s only because I think I know what I am getting myself into.

  2. It really puts things in perspective – you should try it. ;)

    I should probably be more methodical before jumping in. I am however, quite methodical about things after the first plunge into something.

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