thinking only one day off a week is not enough, but glad it’s been a lazy day. still counting down the days until i go on holiday (10).

happy to have taken in Neko Case and The Zolas last night at Summer Live. however, extremely disappointed with the organisation of the event itself. twas a tad bit chaotic getting in and out of the park. i did get my veggie street meat in though. what more can a girl ask for, really. plus the walk home was quite amusing.

thinking about my next tattoo.

wishing i had Zach Condon’s voice to soundtrack my Sunday each week.

eating cherries. summertime staple round these parts.

pondering the next book to read.

currently…you are?



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7 responses to “currently…

  1. I’m glad you made it to Summer Live. It really does sound like a brilliant festival. You are definitely going to be ready for your holiday though.

    I’ve been eating a lot of cherries myself. Of course ours have to travel quite a bit farther.

  2. Too bad the organization wasn’t great, but I’m pretty jealous you saw Neko Case.

  3. kelly

    currently wondering what was amusing about your walk home and how many tattoos you currently have.

    enjoying cherries here as well and waiting patiently for my figs and plums to be ready

  4. Tattoos! I too am extremely curious about what your current tattoos are. As for myself, I will be taking my first ever driving test on Wednesday, and as such, should really be studying right now.

  5. Barb: It was definitely a nice way to spend an evening, especially since it was free! Made up for the fact that I paid $6 for a veggie dog. ;) Cherries are one of the best things about summer.

    John: To be honest, I’d never listened to her music outside of The New Pornographers. She put on a great set though – converted fan here!

    Kelly: Walks home are always amusing when you’re a bit tired and have a camera, and a wonderful city backdrop.

    I have 4.

    BAP: Don’t know if I want to share pictures here – but my current avatar is a hint to what one of them is. ;) I’ll post them to FB sometime. Good luck on your driving test! Is it for a full license or permit? Either way – sending positive vibes your way.

  6. I actually prefer her solo stuff to the New Pornographers. I like them, but I don’t think they highlight her enough!

  7. I can only take folk in small doses, which is why I never really took a shine to her before. She’s great live though, so I’m going to suss out more of her solo stuff now.

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