I’m slightly gobsmacked at the moment.

I signed into Google+ this evening, and while trying to create a profile noticed that I had over 250 photographs in “my albums”. Odd, considering I just created this account 5 minutes ago. I clicked on the album and it was every single photograph I ever posted on my old Blogger blog. My old, deleted Blogger blog that is.

Strange, no?

At first I was a bit outraged, but then as I started clicking through the pictures it became more amusing than anything. Mainly a lot of art (remember Art Friday?), street art, owls, flying buttresses…so not too different from this page here, but the personal photographs caught me off guard. I know 5 years is not a long time ago, but it feels that way sometimes when searching through a digital archive.

Everything is so instant today, the fast pace leaves little time for reflection. This is why I know I’ll always keep this place, even if my updates become sparse, I need this time to spit out the word vomit, post silly pictures, and ask you ridiculous questions.

Something unusual you discovered this week?




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2 responses to “circles

  1. That is more than a little creepy and most certainly disturbing that Google would be hanging on to all your old photos.

    But putting the Big Brother factor aside, the rediscovery of your old photos must have been a lovely little pause. I approve the term word vomit by the way.

    I discovered yesterday that Canada Post has increased the price of their express post exponentially. $16 to mail a card to Manitoba? Not the best discovery.

  2. They hang onto your web history too! Make sure you’ve unclicked that! It was nice to take a wonder back in time. ;)

    Wow. That’s crazy. They’re making it increasingly harder to send mail these days. So frustrating!

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