flip a coin

I enjoy films that have two lateral plots, involving the same leads. If you do as well, I suggest you check out Uncertainty.

I also don’t think I’ve seen a film starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt from the last decade or so that I haven’t fancied. The boy knows how to pick a script, and evolves into each character instead of the other way around. The exact opposite experience of watching a film starring Michael Cera. Don’t get me wrong, I dig his films too, but it’s Michael Cera playing Michael Cera, if you know what I mean.

I’m hoping Hesher lives up to the hype, yet until I can find a working copy of that, I’m feeling masochistic and I am going to start to read the second book in A Song of Ice and Fire series. Summer evenings were made for balconies and books, right?



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4 responses to “flip a coin

  1. f-dog

    Currently on the third book. Remember that feeling you had at the end of the first? Yeah, you’ll feel that again. But hey, I guess it’s good he makes his readers feel something.

    On a semi-related note apparently critics in Hollywood have started referring to Peter Dinklage as “The Dink”

  2. Yeah, I’ve been told a few spoilers so have a feeling I’m in for more rage. As long as new solid characters keep being introduced I guess it balances everything out.

    Wonder how he feels about that. Guess anything with “The” is some form of a compliment. I hope he (or at least the cast) get nominated during award season.

  3. That does look promising! And it’s so true about Michael Cera, he has one role that he plays over and over.

    Summer evenings though are absolutely made for reading outdoors. I’m into the RO’s copy of Packing for Mars myself.

  4. I just finished Stiff and it was great – thanks so much for passing that along. :) I want to read more of her books, shall have to make a trip to the library soon!

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