i didn’t run away to come home the same

Even with the constant inundation of photographs and information that is flashed before our eyes on a daily basis, I love when something pulls me out of my haze and makes me ponder.

Not that I’m not pondering every minute of every day, because I am.

Yet I like when an image, or a quote can immediately trigger something. A switch is flipped in your brain and instantly you’re off into a memory. That is what this picture did to me this morning.

The last picture or piece of information that did that for you?



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4 responses to “i didn’t run away to come home the same

  1. kelly

    that’s a great picture. I know what you mean, When I was finding the picture of Chester and Suzie the Golden Retrievers, I went through a number of other scanned slides that I had, they go back to before mom and dad were married. I often find smells evoke strong memories, some great memories, some just a reminder of things. Smells like certain flowers, or popcorn or cotton candy or even barns make me think of fun times as a kid visiting cousins.

  2. I love this picture. Kids always manage to find the really interesting viewpoints in a room, don’t they. This reminds me of getting lost for hours in the pictures I would find in the fake wood grain of our wall panelling.

  3. Kelly: Smells definitely evoke memory. Each time I smell cinnamon I’m transported back to my Grandmother’s kitchen, baking cookies.

    Barb: It’s a grand one, isn’t? Plan to print it out and stick it to my inspiration wall. I used to do that too! :)

  4. kelly

    I can imagine them making noises into that vest in the wall, listening to the echos going through the duct work, or perhaps using it to listen and call to their friends in another room

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