walk through the park

We had a few rays of sun this weekend, so Stanley Park was on the agenda. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that busy for a long weekend, which was a plus. I guess everyone was out of town. Well, the beach was busy, but I don’t get this pale sitting on the beach. I stroll through the forest and rose gardens is more my speed.

Stanley Park Rose Gardens.

Just outside of Malkin Bowl, in the middle of the park. It’s where I saw The National last summer.

Very well behaved Hungarian Sheepdogs.

Bloody Mary at Bandidas on Commercial Drive. Never had one with a green bean before!

Loved the name of this street artist who does murals on the Drive.

Also been listening to the Fleet Foxes on vinyl this weekend, and the new Beirut. Lazy Sunday listening…



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2 responses to “walk through the park

  1. It looks like it was an absolutely beautiful day. Hopefully you will finally get a nice long stretch of those, so you can enjoy more such strolls.

    I’ve never understood the concept of baking in the sun on boiling sand either. Where’s the appeal in that?

    Still working on unzipping Beirut, myself…

  2. I’m hoping so too. Had a bit of rain yesterday, but it was mainly sunny. Looks promising today, too.

    I can understand swimming and getting sun, but not just sitting out in it. Truly baffling.

    Hope you enjoy it!

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