tastes like blue

Remember a few weeks ago when I asked which should the museum get for our Canada Day Carnival; a popcorn machine or a cotton candy machine? You all said popcorn, and I should have listened. Although we did have popcorn, it was the bagged kind, and unless you want to be picking sugar crystals out of your eyelashes and hair, always go with the popcorn machine. Always.

I’ll listen to you next time.



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3 responses to “tastes like blue

  1. I’m just happy you aren’t sporting any sugar burns. Those are nasty!

  2. kelly

    good rules though, especially about safety glasses they are always important.

    Isn’t sugaring some kind of skin beauty thing?

  3. Barb: Came close a few times – thankfully we wore long sleeves.

    Kelly: I’ve heard of honey being used in skin masks, but I don’t think sugar crystals shooting out of a motor is good for ones complexion.

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