these, these, these are the words

Hard to believe it’s already June. Well, technically almost July. Perfect time for me to do a mid year song list.

Let’s be honest, this year started off smashingly, music wise. Yet, it’s kind of plateaued. I say that hoping that as soon as I hit publish I’ll be flooded with new music. I mean, there’s still a Beirut album in the wings.

One band and album I don’t think is getting enough press this year;  Crystal Stilts – In Love with Oblivion. Brilliant album. Really. If you like shoegaze, dream/noise pop, this one is made for you. I’m still bummed I missed their gig here. Anyway, shall we get to it? Here are my Top 15 songs of the year so far…in order. Kind of predictable, I must admit. Not going into full detail, save that for the year-end list. Shall be interesting to see how this list changes in the next few months.

15. Foster the PeoplePumped Up Kicks

14. Adele Someone Like You

13. RadioheadMorning Mr. Magpie 

12. RAATornado ’87

11. Smith WesternsThe Weekend

10. The Naked and FamousAll of This

9. Joy Formidable – Whirring

8. Crystal StiltsThrough the Floor

7. Mountain Goats Estate Sale Sign

6. PJ HarveyThe Words That Maketh Murder

5. Fleet FoxesGrown Ocean

4. Cave SingersSwim Club

3. Timber TimbreWoman

2. Handsome Furs – Repatriated

1. Papercuts – Do What You Will/Marie Says You’ve changed

What are your favourite songs so far this year?



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6 responses to “these, these, these are the words

  1. Great list — though it always helps when I actually recognize some songs (usually I feel so out of the loop). I’d maybe add Santigold’s Go, but just maybe. I only discovered it this past week, perhaps the novelty will wear off.

  2. Interesting list indeed. I’d have to go with (in no particular order):
    the Decemberists – January Hymn and Calamity Song (two for the price of one!)
    Austra – Lose It
    Young Galaxy – We Have Everything
    Radiohead -Separator
    Glowbug – Fire Ants
    Wallscenery Demos – Gotta Watch Out for a Year

    Something along those lines.

  3. John: I was going to link them up, up I got lazy. For my year end list, I’ll do a mixtape! That’s a great tune – I had forgotten about that one. I had it on repeat when I discovered it too. Think the full album is out next month.

    Barb: Love that Austra tune. This is why I enjoy doing the mid-year list – gives me a chance to remember the ones I’ve already forgotten. Haven’t heard the last two on your list, shall have to check them out.

  4. I am filled with mad admiration at your ability to not only choose just 15 songs, but also limit yourself to one song per artist/album. Mad mad admiration. And hey I actually know most of your picks! Swim Club is adorable, and the entire RAA album is just a gem. Although my favourite track off King Of Limbs would be Give Up The Ghost. And I really must check out Foster The People – been hearing good things about them all over the place. Great list! You’ve inspired me to go make my own now.

  5. This is a great list Al and every entry is a solid one. I am thrilled to see that people are actually re-evaluating King of Limbs at this point too. To say that it is “a grower” would be an understatement. One thing for sure though once it establishes its place in your musical brain it really does establish a home.

    I really should attempt a list myself. Do check out the latest Yuck and Cass McCombs and I’m certain you will add a couple more to your growing list.

    Well done my friend. Superb listing.


  6. BAP: I find it helps a lot to do the mid year list, although, sometimes my favourite song from that artist/band changes by year end, which is always interesting. I only know the single from Foster the People – good pop!

    Sean: It kind of got buried there with all the new music this spring, but when I got the vinyl in the mail it was the perfect time to re-evaluate.

    Will do! I still haven’t listened to My Morning Jacket yet either.

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