the owls are gathering

Everyone was talking owls to me this morning, which I found a bit peculiar. Yet I always welcome such talk, and was wearing my favourite owl tee from my lovely friend Fleur, plus we are in the midst of a postal strike, so I just brushed it off. Then I realized it was because JK Rowling is about to make some kind of announcement on a project called Pottermore and there is a site with dozens of animated owls on it to go along with it. From what I read, it seems to have to do with an e-book.  Less exciting than owl post.

If you could have any creature deliver your mail (besides owls and speed wasn’t an issue), what animal would you like to greet you each day?



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7 responses to “the owls are gathering

  1. Is it just me or are many of those owls on the Rowling site positively creepy looking? Maybe it’s a hint as to the content of the announcement.

    I would love to have my mail delivered by a series of big smiley dogs. I would wait by the mailbox every morning.

  2. Owl stalking continues! I just turned on the news and there is a segment on owls and eagles. The ones on that site do have a bit of a creepy vibe, yes. I guess we’ll find out tomorrow if the news has creepy content.

    Each dog carrying one single piece? That’d be awesome!

  3. I was a bit afraid that Pottermore would end up being another series which follows the adventures of an adult Harry (or worse, his kids), but if it’s some sort of officially endorsed companion book or online lexicon/resource thing, I could live with that. A creepy online lexicon.

    And I’m with Barb on the mail-delivering dogs, except that I want mine to be a Corgi. Lots of Corgis. Lots of Corgi puppies.

  4. I honestly haven’t read anything much about it, but I would welcome another JK book. Although I’d really enjoy her to write outside of the Potter lexicon.

    They’d have the long bodies to hold a bundle of mail, too. ;)

  5. kelly

    since I already have the very bestest dog in the world I don’t need other dogs delivering my mail. I think I would like a giraffe.

  6. ali

    A peacock. I want my mail delivered in style.

  7. Kelly: You’d be able to get upstairs mail delivery!

    Ali: I would expect nothing less. ;)

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