i hate people when they’re not polite

I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t been listening to copious amounts of music these days, so the turn over is a bit slow, but I’ve found songs are just sticking in my head lately. The good and the bad; playing on a continuous loop.

One of these is the song below, and every time I listen almost immediately after I’m singing “Psycho Killer, Qu’est-ce que c’est” – the two share similarities don’t you think? I don’t mind humming the words to any Talking Heads song mind you, but it’s always funny how certain songs wedge their way into your cerebral cortex and set up camp.

Do you find certain songs remind you of other songs? For other reasons besides musical similarities?



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4 responses to “i hate people when they’re not polite

  1. I have songs playing through my head constantly and once in a while I’ll mistake what I’m listening to for something else. Right now of course, I can think of not a single example. That Cars song does sound like a couple of their own others though!

  2. Also, I was called polite on the phone today. That doesn’t often happen. :-)

  3. Yes, it does. It’s rather infectious!

    Somehow, I believe you. ;)

  4. Like Dale, I often hear one song that reminds me of another. Also like Dale, I cannot think of a single one right now.

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