Happily searching through this vintage ad browser I found online. Perfect for adding some humour to my current display.

Laughing at the article that finally came across my desk for that curator piece I was interviewed for. I looked like a deer caught in the headlights. Sorry, no link.

Have the new Beirut track on high rotation.¬†Contemplating listening to those new Coldplay tracks but more than a little leery. What’s your favourite track as of late?

Starting to countdown until my holidays next month. There are a lot of things going on with the family at the moment that make me wish I wasn’t so far away.

Wondering about this “rotating postal strike” – do you think it’s still safe to send mail?

Still thinking about these amazing chickpea fries I had on Friday.

Will be happy when all this hockey business is over.

Just stumbled upon this humourous video guide to dating in the 1940s.

Currently…you are?



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2 responses to “currently…

  1. Lotsa good lingerie in that vintage ad link!

    Chickpea fries? They sound intriguing. I have a mental image of those fried Indian snacks that are made of chickpea. Yums!

  2. I haven’t looked through all the categories yet – focusing primarily on food and domestic work at the moment. Some great gems though!

    We’re going to have to visit Latitude when you come in September. It’s right on Main, just up from Burgoo. The fries alone are worth the visit. :)

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