This picture made me smile today.

It’s finally warmed up here. I’m getting ready to go downtown and hopefully head to the beach later on with a friend. And when I say “head to the beach” I mean fully dressed for a stroll. That’s the Canadian version of beach combing when it’s still only 20 degrees.

I would have loved to see Vonnegut running down the beach like this.

Something that made you smile today?



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  1. Hard not to smile on a day like this! (perhaps my endless lamentations regarding the weather will finally cease).

    Love this photo, especially considering the dynamic humanism inherent to Kurt Vonnegut. He was not one to look towards some future time or the afterlife for hope and inspiration. He was fully immersed in the present, embracing the potential of every moment. He survived the absurd horrors of WW II and resolved to be defiantly alive in each and every moment afterwards. The image of him running down the beach with his dog really captures this for me – a great find!

  2. Fiddlehead ferns in the grocery store! They are a pain to wash, but fiddlehead season is so short, you just have to take advantage.

  3. Matthew: Hasn’t it been a glorious weekend? I think our weather finally took a turn. Let’s hope it stays.

    I’ve set it as my new desktop background because every time I look at it, I just smile. It captures that moment you describe so perfectly.

    Barb: I had to Google “fiddlehead ferns” – I have never heard of them before. They do look so funny! Glad you were able to pick them up while supplies last.

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