knew i should have joined the circus

A juggler.

A balloon artist.

A magician.

All walk into a bar…

No, they are all people my staff thought we could use at one of our family/kid orientated events next month.

Guess how much the juggler costs per hour.

As per usual we’ll be doing our own face painting, and are considering renting a cotton candy machine or a popcorn machine. Still really pricey for us, given that the event itself is free. At least we were able to get our refreshments donated. What do you think we’d get more of a return with, selling cotton candy or popcorn?



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4 responses to “knew i should have joined the circus

  1. kelly

    $100 per hour for the juggler?
    I think popcorn will get better return because adults and kids will eat it where with candy floss it’s more for kids. I would think the smell of popcorn would be a bigger draw. What is the profit margin on each unit sold?
    Really though, I haven’t a clue.
    HAve you thought of a mechanical bull?

  2. Nope. 5 times that!!

    I’m just worried the popcorn machine would be harder to operate. I know I’d definitely eat more of that though. It’s by donation as the event is free, but I think we’d get a better return on the cotton candy.

    Ha! Can you say lawsuit? I already have nightmares about the stilts we use.

  3. Kelly makes some really good points, and I would definitely go for the popcorn machine too. Popcorn is really cheap to produce and I have heard horror stories about people burning themselves on cotton candy machines.

    Also I don’t like cotton candy.

  4. Well, we decided to go with both actually. Kind of. We’re renting the cotton candy machine because we got it for a good price and then we’re going to buy one of those giant bags of popcorn from Kernels and put it into smaller bags instead of buying cookies. We’ll be able to pass them out when people come into the park.

    I’ll be sure to wear long sleeves when operating the cotton candy machine.

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