speaking in tongues

I am so glad that I have this archive of posts to remind me of my life.

I had a conversation last week with one of my friends from Germany, whom I met while I was living in England. She’s one of my musical soul mates. We never have a conversation without a lost in translation moment, yet it’s one of the things that makes the friendship tick. She makes me look at language so specifically, what every syllable means, how words interact with each other, and most notably how sarcasm does not always translate.  We have the greatest talks about lyrics as well, coming at a song from such different perspectives. I knew I had transcribed a few into posts here, and I was able to look them up without too much fuss, which brought a smile to my eye.

I’ve been thinking about visiting her for quite some time, as she lives in the same village as many of my other German friends from Newcastle. It’s hard to plan holidays in my current situation, but I think my travel goal for 2012 will be to visit there, which is just outside of Berlin. Knowing that I have a couch to crash on that I can pay for in mix tapes really helps. One must never underestimate the power of a mix – true currency with some friends.

Plus, I like having a travel goal. Even if it is a bit unattainable.

Do you have any summer goals?

I’m going to try to write more, and go out dancing at least twice.

It’s been too long.


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6 responses to “speaking in tongues

  1. I think my summer goal is to just sit back and enjoy the season. Lots going on and a busy fall to look forward to!

    I hope you get to Germany! I believe if you put something out there, there’s a good chance of it working out somehow.

  2. bloody awful poetry

    Hope you make it to Germany! It’s like my 4th favourite country in the world, so I’m always stoked when someone I know gets to go. Just WAIT till I get my passport done.

    My summer holiday goals are to finish reading the pile of very serious, literary books I bought before starting uni and never touched since. Starting off with Virginia Woolf. My other goal is to make lots and lots of mixtapes. It’s been too long.

  3. WC: That sounds like a good plan to me and yay for exciting changes come fall! I’m hoping we start to see a bit of summer weather soon.

    I hope so. Fingers crossed the logistics work themselves out!

    BAP: I’ve always been intrigued at the thought of visiting Berlin. I’m thinking fall will be the best time. I hope there’s lots of traveling in your future too!! Of course you’ll have to visit us here too. :) You’ve reminded me I need to renew mine soon.

    I need to make more mix tapes too. We should do a blogger mix tape edition or something…hmm.

  4. kelly

    summer plans, getting out in the boat and doing some beach combing. Bringing mom out from Regina for a couple weeks. Maybe a weekend trip to Seattle or Vancouver or both

  5. This summer I am trying to be more mindful, to appreciate what may be the Offspring’s last summer at home, to revel in the all too short season of green and warmth.

    You have to go to Germany! Germany in the fall is lovely, but beware the Oktoberfest.

  6. Kelly: Sounds like a relaxing summer! Mini breaks are always nice to disperse throughout the summer.

    Barb: It does pass too quickly doesn’t? I’m still hoping summer emerges here.

    I’m thinking September – so hopefully Oktoberfest will be avoided.

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