what does this one do again?

Over the long weekend the Boy was here for a visit, which coincided with his birthday. Normally I gift him geeky type things – as there are endless possibilities – and this year one of his gifts was 3D chess.

Now, I didn’t really think this through, as the first thing he said after opening it was “You know you’re going to have to play this with me, right?”


I can play chess, but it frustrates me, so the thought of 3D chess is not that appealing. “And now that I’ve put it together, it has to stay here in your flat. “

Joy. You can see my excitement as we play a game.

I should have went with the crocheted Futurama dolls.

It’s actually not that bad. I’m just being stubborn. I’m really glad I just got the starter 3D chess though. There were sets on 5 or 6 levels, like the one from Star Trek.

I hope to win at least one game by the end of summer.



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8 responses to “what does this one do again?

  1. If you ever challenge me to a game, I can guarantee you will win that one. So there’s that, at least.

    Crocheted Futurama dolls do sound like a winner though!

  2. kelly

    we use to have a board game that was a simpler funner chess type game. it was called “Smess; The Ninny’s Chess” I wonder which sibling has it, I always liked that game

  3. Barb: After the second game, I was starting to get a handle on it. Takes a lot of concentration though – I’m still much better with Scrabble.

    Thinking that’ll make for a perfect Xmas gift.

    Kelly: Ha! That sounds more my speed. I like games that have silly rules.

  4. jmutford

    “Crocheted” doesn’t look right.

  5. Chess requires thought and strategy so I’m out. The set does look cool though.

  6. bloody awful poetry

    Wait so 3D chess sets are real? That is the coolest! I thought it was just something geekishly awesome made up by the Big Bang Theory writers. Also I saw a military-themed chessboard at the mall yesterday. The pieces were little soldiers in powdered wigs and red and blue coats. Hate chess, but I am such a sucker for unusual sets.

  7. Dale: That’s what I thought at the start, but I’m starting to become hooked.

    BAP: Yes and 3 player! TBBT tells no lies. :) Ha!! I love that. I would never be able to take the game seriously with soldiers in powered wigs.

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