just got home from the cinema and listening to Wilson Philips because ‘Hold On’ was played at the end of Bridesmaids and it’s stuck in my head. the best way to get a bad song out is to play it. there are some hilarious spoofs of that video on YouTube.

extremely happy the rain let up this afternoon. been a while since i’d seen the mountaintops.

thinking tomorrow a trip to Main Street for some record shopping is in order. want to bake some bread too. although i could very well just look at the latest Radiohead for another week or so. you don’t see a lot of clear vinyl.

going for another cup of red tea.

downloading more Food Network shows. i really miss that channel. if you watch it, do you have a favourite show? i was thinking of breaking down and ordering cable and then i got a letter in the mail today that informed me my MSP (medical service plan all BC residents have to pay into) is going to double per month. downloading it is!

keeping my fingers crossed that my computer starts to play nice again. i’ve reformatted and ran every scan i can think of. even cleaned the desktop. it’s normally not that clean, trust me. still need to configure the icon pictures. tomorrow.

currently…you are?



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2 responses to “currently…

  1. Did you end up seeing Bridesmaids? I know a lot of people were disappointed with it, but I thought it was fun. Great dance segment!

    We must be on the same weather pattern, as it’s stopped raining here as well. Cold though, but hopefully that will keep the mosquitoes down.

    Food Network is a fun channel. The SU watches it all the time, but I usually just sit in for Restaurant Makeover (love watching Igor smash things) and a couple of others.

    Have fun record shopping!

  2. Indeed, I did. I heard positive reviews, and really enjoyed myself. I haven’t laughed that much at the cinema in a while. Although Attack the Block was ace too.

    Yeah, it’s Vancouver Sunny and still a bit chilly.

    That’s usually the only part of RM I can watch! I used to be really annoyed with Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, but it has grown on me and now one of my favourites. I wish more of the shows were available for download.

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