words we don’t say

According to the editor of New York Magazine.

I agree with a few on this list, but I find the concept hilarious.

What words would make your list? What are your favourite words as of late?

Listless and languid are ones I’m using frequently, as its how I’ve been feeling.



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4 responses to “words we don’t say

  1. I think “listless” and “languid” are highly appropriate in light of this depressing weather – it’s really getting to me. Been listening to Nick Cave’s “People Ain’t No Good” on repeat tonight, not a good sign.

    I really like “visceral” right now – it implies that one has a pulse still, perhaps in defiance of the omnipresent blandness around lately. I want to have a visceral reaction to something.

  2. Me as well. Normally I’m good with a little bit of rain, but we really haven’t had any relief (besides a few days here and there). Coldest/wettest weather in 70 years apparently. Hopefully it’ll break soon.

    “Visceral” is a great word! It’s been a while since I’ve used it, given the blandness about lately. Let’s change that for next month. Word goals – ha! :)

  3. I guess there’s a reason that I don’t write for New York Magazine; I will not give up my zeitgeist without a fight.

    I’ve been fascinated by certain jargon nouns lately – aperture, prefrontal cortex, solar flare – stuff like that.

  4. I can, that’s still a great word. I agree with ‘hubby’ and ‘a who’s who of’ though.

    That’s funny you should mention ‘solar flare’ – I must have heard that a dozen times this week. Although there was a lot of Star Trek talk, so that’s why. ;)

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