tangled up in blue

Given that it’s Zimmerman’s 70th Birthday today, there have been an abundance of his best of lists floating around. Or at least I’ve noticed a few.  There’s also a new Death Cab for Cutie album, new Arcade Fire tracks and Stephen Merritt tunes circling around the web too.  Lots of action for a long weekend, really.

I’m normally a sucker for lists, and new music, but lately I’ve been feeling quite listless and can’t seem to muster any energy for music. However, this is one of my favourite Dylan tunes. So much speculation about this one…

p.s. This “After the Rapture” video made me laugh today.



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7 responses to “tangled up in blue

  1. f

    Too many good songs to make a list… personally I like the ones like Positively 4th Street where he is the Angry Bob Dylan and destroys people lyrically… Ballad of a Thin Man, Idiot Wind…etc

  2. f

    There is also a Game of Thrones episode 7 – yes 7, as in the one that airs next week, floating.

  3. Yeah, me too. Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright is another to add. “You just kinda wasted my precious time” is one of my favourite lyrics.

    I saw that on AtEase, and did a double take. Shall have to look for it when I get home.

  4. One of my favourite songs ever Allison! Very nice selection.

    But have you ever heard this version?

    Kinda delightful and lanky.

    Thanks for posting.

  5. Now you’ve got me thinking about alternate meanings of listless. Nicely done.

    Loved the After the Rapture video! It made me all wistful for what could have been.

  6. It’s hard to pick my favourite because I tend to like Bob Dylan covers more than Bob’s versions. I did see him in concert once upon a time though. But again, it was seeing the White Stripes in concert doing “One More Cup of Coffee” that really sold me on that tune.

  7. Sean: No, I hadn’t heard his version of that tune! Thank-you for sharing. :) Shall have to look for the mp3 too.

    Barb: Well according to that guy who predicted this one the “real” date is now in October – so we might know yet ;P

    John: That’s interesting, reverse effect. I’ve never heard that White Stripes cover – I’ll have to look for it. Thanks for the tip!

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