not a pirates life for me

Last night I went to see Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, the fourth installment of the film franchise.

Before entering the cinema I had not seen a trailer, or read a review. I was going purely on the fact I had enjoyed all other three films (the first two especially). I shall not make that mistake again. It’s rare I start to nod off in the theatre, and I definitely fell asleep for a little bit last night. Even the previous three films – given their length – all kept a relatively lively pace. This one did not, and it was only 2 hours.

As the story really didn’t keep me interested last night (quest for the fountain of youth), I started to ponder other successful franchises and wondered has there been a solid franchise that’s kept it up after the first three films? Even the Harry Potter series I would argue has been slipping since the fourth film. Star Trek was the only other series that came to mind where my favourite is past the first three.

What about you, what’s your favourite film series? What do you think makes it work? Keeping with the same director? Writer?



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6 responses to “not a pirates life for me

  1. kelly

    for me it was the Godfather series and the Aliens series

    Why? I don’t know

  2. f

    Funny as me and a few friends were talking about the Alien series today at lunch and if Ridley Scott is gonna do a good job on the 2 prequel films.

    Really? You rate something higher than Wrath of Kahn in the Star Trek series? Surprised. Which one?

    Most film series don’t stick with the same writer or director, so that probably wouldn’t be one of my reasons. Before the 4th one came out I would have said the Indian Jones series, but the fourth one was such utter crap.

    Technically The Empire Strikes Back is the 5th film in the series, does that count? It’s my fave sequel ever.

  3. Kelly: As a trilogy The Godfather is one of the best.

    F: Weird I was taking about Alien series this eve. I’ve never seen it – on the list.

    No, I don’t. I gotta stop watching things out of order – this happened to me with Star Wars too. Wrath of Khan and First Contact are my favourites (two and eight). Always thought Khan was five for some reason.

    It’s a shame when series don’t keep with the same director. I’m hoping the next Star Trek is as good as the last reboot – I trust JJ.

    Ah a technicality ;)

  4. I think you are right, all series should stop at three. My favourite film series is probably George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead series and it definitely should have stopped at three.

  5. Hmmm…good question. I’d have to say Star Trek is up there for me, too, but I can only think of trilogies…And I’m not counting the 3 Star Wars prequels! Ugh!

    Sorry Pirates was so awful. I hate spending money on movies and then hating the experience. I haven’t seen too many positive reviews of it myself, so I think I’ll give it a miss.

  6. Barb: It’s hard to keep up the memento after three isn’t? It’s sometimes best to just let the series be.

    WC: I’ve never seen the prequels, and don’t really plan to from all that I’ve read about them.

    Thankfully it was a gift certificate! Definitely give it a miss and save your dosh!

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