oh skycake…

What type of food dish does one bring to a rapture party?

Cupcakes seem fitting.



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5 responses to “oh skycake…

  1. I’m thinking that since you’re vegan, bacon is in order for the rapture party. As for me, I think I’ll try heroin today.

    Digital Footprint Disclaimer:
    *For future employers of Mr. John Mutford, his council would like to stress that any mentions of drugs or other illicit activity is for comedic purposes only. John Mutford does not condone such activities and apologizes to those sensitive to said issues.

  2. Cupcakes, heroin and failure bowls…

    This is going to be some party…

  3. f

    Wine and crackers?

  4. Cheezies seems suitable.

  5. John: So very right – bacon definitely would make a great choice. The heroin and the disclaimer made me laugh as well. Why not, right?

    Sean: Not failure bowls! ;) It’s funny, I was quoting Patton all day yesterday. I really need to buy his book.

    F: That certainly would be fitting, wouldn’t? Red wine, of course.

    Barb: Oh, oh the crunchy kind of cheezies please!

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