Thinking that all days should start with a steady diet of Joy Division and New Order tunes. Digging the unreleased New Order too.

Still chuckling over a caption on Dlisted about Oprah’s last show that read “For the grand finale of Oprah’s 2-part Farewell Spectacular…Canons shot out 20,000 of Oprah’s cloned ovaries into the audience. You get an Oprah! You get an Oprah! And you get an Oprah! Everybody gets an Oprah!” I love parodies on Oprah’s favourite things.

Pleased 75% of my summer student funding/hiring is done. Two students start next week, the rest at the end of June, when the rest of the funding comes through.

Wondering what the social contract states if you’re invited but not attending a wedding shower – do you still send a gift? I’m going to the wedding and plan to bring a gift to that. Thoughts?

Wondering why all week I’ve been a day ahead of myself.

Puzzled over what is exactly in a Queen Victoria sushi roll. Saw them at the market – just festive perhaps?

Intrigued over the new JJ Abrams’ series Alcatraz. Love JJ, love stories involving Alcatraz and love Jorge Garcia – so hoping it’s grand.

Currently…you are?



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6 responses to “currently…

  1. Oh I love Dlisted. It’s even better if you can get somebody else to read the best bits to you, as I do. Bedtime stories for adults.

    Excellent work on getting the student roles mostly filled! I hope your students are brilliant this summer.

    I would send a gift to a wedding to which I was invited but was not attending, but not to a shower. Particularly since you are attending the wedding. That’s enough gifts!

  2. Ha! I’ll have to try that.

    I think this summer is going to go much more smoothly than last (knock wood).

    That’s what I was thinking. They are expensive events to attend! I never really thought I’d ever have a wedding if I got married, maybe it’s because my parents eloped, but starting to see the allure – free gifts!

  3. kelly

    From what I heard about showers, they are beyond purgatory, right to hell on earth. Weddings, not so much better. I wouldn’t send a gift if not attending, but that is a guys opinion.
    The allure of free gifts by having a wedding…..the wedding will likely cost more than the value of the gifts received, and then there is the grief factor in planning the wedding.

  4. I wouldn’t describe weddings as ‘hell on earth’…at least not the ones I’ve been too. Generally happy affairs, just expensive ones.

    I guess it depends on the size of your wedding.

  5. kelly

    I should recant, I have been to weddings I’ve enjoyed . And with the right mix of people attending they can be quite fun as long as nobody plays the chicken dance. The last one we went to was very very expensive, the parents got a bit carried away.
    I grew up in Sask but was quite surprised to fid many wedding traditions different in Manitoba when we moved there. In addition to stag, stagette there was socials which were parties at halls to raise money for the wedding. It always seemed wrong for people getting married to ask for money at the social and then gifts at the wedding and shower gifts. One couple I know is getting married in Mexico in Sept, of course that’s another expense for everyone that is going.

  6. bloody awful poetry

    Nobody has wedding showers here (or baby showers for that matter) so I can’t really advise on the rules of gift-giving. But free stuff seems like a perfectly legit reason to get married, yes.

    Oh and I also heard about another new JJ Abrams show – Person Of Interest, in which Jim Caviezel stops crime before it happens. Mindfuddling stuff.

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