vegetable, mineral…

This morning I went to finally renew my license.

No lineups so early in the morn, easy breezy until this question:

Do you remember your password for your license?

(insert blank stare at the teller followed by laughter)

I have absolutely no idea. Do I get a hint?

(insert teller returning my blank stare, no laughter to follow)

I really have no idea. Person, place or thing? Series of numbers? I honestly do not know. Surely there must be a hint you can give me? I have three other forms of ID with me…

It falls under thing, if that helps.

(insert me listing off objects i think i would have chosen, includes things like pocket-watch, top-hat)

I’m sorry no.

When was this password established? I don’t recall ever having a password for my drivers license.

When you signed X waiver.

Aren’t passwords like this usually where were you born, mother’s maiden name, etc? I mean a thing? Are you sure it isn’t (insert mother’s maiden name).

That’s correct. That’s the password.

If anything it’s closer to a vegetable.

Well thing is broad term.


Here’s hoping my picture this time around is better than the last one.

Do you have a password on your license?



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6 responses to “vegetable, mineral…

  1. f

    A name is a thing.

    No passwords for our licenses here.

  2. iduality

    I know, but not always what springs to mind first. It was discovered later there was in fact a hint in brackets that said “mothers maiden name” – shall know for next time!

  3. Thing is a broad term!

    I can’t believe you managed to pull that off. What a great story, I just snorted coffee out my nose.

    There are no passwords on our drivers’ licenses, thankfully.

  4. I can’t believe there was a hint to the question all along! Now that it’s typed here I’ll never forget it either. ;)

    We didn’t have them in Ontario either.

  5. kelly

    after reading this, apparantly I do have one.

  6. Must be a BC thing.

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