blanket capes

maybe it’s the rain.

or the restless night sleep before.

or the exhausting day at work.

perhaps this combination was why i came home, made dinner and went to sit down on the couch and fell asleep. i just woke up now (after 8pm), dinner cold next to me. i can sleep when i really need it, i guess.

how are you spending your Sunday evening?

some gouda, a cup of tea and some AMC goodness are calling my name before i crawl into the duvet. long week ahead methinks.



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5 responses to “blanket capes

  1. Watching Survivor, cuddling Juno, and listening to the rain.

  2. Just finished watching The Killing and Games of Thrones, whilst listening to the rain. Time for sleep (again). Rain included. ;)

  3. Ah, I must remember to download GoT tomorrow!

  4. I made the mistake of pushing my spot on the chesterfield into lounging position last night, thereby ensuring that I immediately fell asleep during Family Guy. The RO would ask me a question and I would offer a nonsense answer, because apparently I do answer questions in my sleep. Just not very well.

  5. WC: It was good, although a bit too bloody for me.

    Barb: Ha! I’m sure that amused the RO. :) Those lounging couches are dangerous aren’t they?

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