silent and full

I awoke this morning to the sound of a text message coming through my phone from across the room.

Don’t they know I’m allowed to sleep in today? I opened an eye in an attempt to peak at the clock, but I couldn’t read the numbers in the dark without my glasses. I stretched and rolled closer to my nightstand, fumbling for my glasses, in the midst of a duvet cocoon. The phone beeped again, and I knocked my glasses to the floor and they landed with a thud on-top of my laptop. I let out a sigh, and hung my head over the side of the bed in an attempt to reach them. The phone beeped again. What is so important this early in the morning?

Annoyed I sprung up and out of bed, picked up my glasses and headed to the phone, plugged in by the wall. Touching the screen it light up with the messages. One, asking me if frosting was an okay breakfast substitute. Another asking me if I’d mailed that post. And the last, a who do you think would win in this fight scenario. Which thankfully made me laugh, mainly as I had no idea who one of the characters was. And thus the day began.

I’m turning my phone to silent at night from now on.

What was the first noise you heard this morning?

What’d you have for breakfast?

And who do you think would win in a fight between Batman and Radioactive Man?



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6 responses to “silent and full

  1. kelly

    First soound this morning was my pager at 4:23 am forcing me out of bed to head to a call that we got cancelled from half way there.
    Typical breakfast for me is oatmeal with a banana and some protein powder in it. Although I would really like some buttermilk pancakes.
    Not familiar with Radioactive Man

  2. Ah, that’s a much earlier wake up then I had. I was thinking of pancakes this morning as well. Think I shall make them tomorrow. This morning was just eggs and toast.

  3. f-dog

    First noise this morning same as every weekday morning, school bus at 615 waiting for the neighbor kid.

    I had Coffee for breakfast.

    People unfamiliar with Radioactive Man need to watch more Simpsons. The question is hard to answer without knowing if their respective sidekicks (Robin and Fall Out Boy) would be in on the fight.

  4. Quite the early bus schedule for a school pick-up.

    Funny, that was the same response I was greeted with when asking who he was. My Simpsons knowledge has gaps. If ever asked again, I’ll be sure to use the sidekick question as a follow-up.

  5. You must be the go-to person for early morning random texts!

    I was woken at 5:35 by the ding-dang birds and never did get back to sleep. In a month from now, they will be starting at 4:00, so I guess I should count my blessings.

  6. The time difference is something those East coasters will never grasp.

    I guess I should be happy my wake up calls weren’t that early!

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