cannot get this song off repeat.

have two more exhibits to start (and finish), and 2 to edit by mid June for the main galleries before i start thinking about what will replace the puppets come fall. i’m thinking our large musical instrument collection needs to be dusted off.

happy the sun is breaking through, even with light drizzle.

thinking this weekend i’m going to buy the new Fleet Foxes record on vinyl. some thrift store wandering and a trip to Step Back might be in order too.

sad i missed hearing about MacHomer while he was performing in town. Macbeth as told through the Simpsons.

thrilled to get my staples removed tomorrow. to celebrate i think i shall make some falafel. and pad the all the surfaces in my bathroom.

chuckling at the buttered cat paradox i just read about on Mental Floss.

happy to have finished Great Expectations, onto the next. what’s on your reading list?

currently…you are?



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4 responses to “currently…

  1. kelly

    freeling blah, I fogot to eat breakfast today, I think it’s still on the counter.

    next read is “Packing for Mars” by Mary Roach

  2. Never a good way to start the day.

    I want to reading Stiff by her. On the list…

  3. Currently – listening to the same Beirut song on repeat (thanks for getting em hooked on this!) It’s one of those rare uplifting songs that sticks to your brain like glue and won’t let go.

    Reading = The Corrections by Jonathan Franzen

  4. I know, right! I have to stretch out my listening – I don’t want to wear it out.

    Haven’t heard of that one, hope it’s a good read!

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