you should see the three little pigs

There’s always a few in a bunch that look a little worse than the rest.

These two are it.

Puppets with troll hair is what I’ve been calling them. They no longer creep me out, I just find them amusing. Mainly their stunned expressions.

Can you guess which tale these puppets are supposed to be from?



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6 responses to “you should see the three little pigs

  1. f

    Cinderella? They are the evil step sisters??

  2. Mr. Dressup? Their expressions and hair make me think of Casey after a night with a bottle of plonk and a bag of glue.

  3. F: Right you are! The evil step sisters dressed for the ball are a bit more refined. Feather boas and all.

    Barb: Ha!! Now that’s all I can see. At times, I did feel as though I was sorting through a tickle trunk reject pile. Ah, Mr. Dressup. How was the name “tickle trunk” ever approved anyway? ;)

  4. kelly

    are you familiar with the gopher museum in Alberta with all the dressed up gophers?

  5. Have never heard of it, but sounds utterly creepy. I am not a fan of taxidermy.

  6. kelly

    it is odd, I saw an article in the globe and mail with pictures of several gophers dressed as various characters. It was developed with a government grant to bring in tourism. Slightly misguided I think

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