that sound

Today I found myself tearing fabric for one of my displays.

A snip with the scissors and then tearing the linen apart like I’d seen my mother do numerous times as I child, while I watched her sew. A task I normally try to avoid because, well, I hate that sound.

It’s almost worse than a scream. Something in the pitch that makes it creepy. Surround yourself with puppets and marionettes while doing so makes it even more unsettling.

The most unsettling sound to you? The most irritating?



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4 responses to “that sound

  1. It’s interesting what sounds are kryptonite to some people, completely innocuous to others. But I an certainly understand the puppets ratcheting up the creepy factor. I can’t stand the sound of a metal nail file. Wooden ones, however, are fine.

  2. Strange how that works, isn’t? I’m afraid to post pictures…it was humourous putting this display together. I’m definitely going to post before/after shots when the reno is done, just not of that room. ;)

    I can see how a metal nail file would raise the hairs on your arm.

  3. kelly

    irritating sounds:
    someone smacking their gum.
    sound of people eating / chewing….I need music or TV on/
    along line of Barb, sound of nails being clipped.
    high pitched teenage girls giggling and talking.

  4. The sound of slurping always irritates me.

    The last one and the first one usually go hand in hand.

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