the filter bubble

Last week I was watching this clip on the Instant Personalization of Reality – which is definitely worth the click if you have 5 extra minutes to spare. It got me thinking about how my relationship with the Internet has changed over the last few years. I find it changes a bit with the seasons – is that weird?

A few months ago a friend was lamenting to me – “I just don’t know where to go on the internet. It’s almost overwhelming to the point it makes me bored.” I will admit the list of sites I frequent has shrunk down to at the most a dozen. On a rushed day, half that.

My bubble has been filtered down so much, I actively have to make a point of going outside and searching for other sources. Like writing that term paper in university, the primary sources are always easy and quick to come by, but it’s those secondary sources that really make everything flow. Yet it’s more work. Twitter is an excellent resource for this, and one I continue to favour over other forms of social networking.

In the past month I’ve found myself deleting a lot of Facebook contacts, and “unliking” numerous pages or hiding things from my feed because, well, because a lot of things on there aesthetically irk me to be honest and I find a lot of it to be crap.  So really Interneting has made my OCD more rampant, and lowered my crap filter. You should see how I have to organize my e-mails.

What are your most frequently visited (top 5) sites?



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8 responses to “the filter bubble

  1. f


  2. I find following most of those sites (especially NoData) on Twitter cuts down on my Interneting. Ah, Twitter, how I love thee.

    Haven’t heard of Fark though. Looks like Digg, but funny. Ta!

  3. f

    Guess I could follow NoData on twitter…

    Fark is hilarious, some of the comments are just roll on the floor good.

  4. It’s helpful, they seem to post it to Twitter before they post it on the main site. Plus the main site has been wonky lately.

    It definitely looks hilarious. I like how everything is categorized by section. Bookmarked!

  5. I’ve come to the realization that I dislike clicking on links. Part of the problem is laziness, part suspicion, and partly because my laptop is now so slow that it takes forever for a page to open. In that time, I can look it up in the newspaper.

    Maybe that’s why I don’t like Twitter – too many links.

  6. Funny, I find Facebook is more link heavy. I can see your hesitation with Twitter than though. The Instant Personalization of Reality is worth the click if your computer is cooperating though. I wouldn’t lie to you!

  7. My top;

    Facebook (losing interest, more out of habit)
    a few music blogs – slicing up eyeballs, stereo gum, aquarium drunkar
    Globe and Mail
    The Onion

    My internetting isn’t as diverse as it used to be either – it’s sorta like going to a restaurant with a million things on the menu, and experiencing an optional paralysis of sorts, so you end up going with a few standbys.

    Thought provoking really, as the Internet is hyped as a dynamic avenue for engagement, though it seems on many levels it has become a venue for increased tribalism and groupthink. You can easily create a customized reality that fits neatly into a preferred paradigm, and the personalization of google will certainly encourage this. Perhaps there should be a “throw caution to the wind” filter that purposely chooses less obvious or preferred option.

    This one’s got me thinking a bit, more to come on this…..

  8. Yeah, Facebook has become more out of habit for me too.

    That clip really got me thinking, with such a vast resource we’ve really pared down our bubble to the point we’re not using it for the purposes it was made for. Look forward to a future post then! :)

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