except for that bacon one.

i miss bacon all the time, and any vegetarian who tells you otherwise is lying. lying, i say! especially when it comes to peameal bacon.

do you have a yes, but no?



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9 responses to “yes/no

  1. I find that I like the smell of bacon more than the actual taste of it. Does it help to know that the smell is the best part? You can still enjoy walking past a bacon aroma.

    My yes/no? Yes, I am a woman. No, I don’t care about jewelry.

  2. It’s true, the smell kind of does outweigh the taste. I’ve never tried fake veggie bacon but I’m curious.

    Yes! Well done. :)

  3. I am with Barbara on the bacon thing. The smell is by far the best part. I would suggest the smell of coffee brewing is much along those same lines.

    My yes/no? Yes, I am Canadian. No, I do not like the Tragically Hip.

    (Hope they don’t revoke my citizensHIP now…)

  4. I like one Hip song, I will admit. Only when I’m sitting in a muskoka chair and drinking a Bloody Mary though. ;)

    #canadianbandmovies is trending right now on Twitter – humourous. Although mainly a lot of Nickleback jokes.

  5. Yes, I’m a straight male. No, I don’t watch sports.

    And for shame on you non-Hip fans ;)

  6. That fits a lot of the males I know.

    Hey, I enjoy ‘Scared’! ;)

  7. kelly

    yes I’m from Saskatchewan…No I’ve never farmed
    (but I am a Rider’s fan!)

  8. Rider’s is baseball, right? ;)

  9. kelly


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