amazed i slept in until 9am today. guess your body knows when it needs rest. as soon as i said my migraine was gone yesterday it came back full force. its like a hangover but without all the fun leading up to it. wish i wasn’t alone when feeling like this either.

slightly shocked it’s still rainimg. it’s been a week, usually we get a bit of a break. it’s a nice sound to wake up to though.

happy i’m allowed to get my hair (wound) wet today. hair was starting to look like a birds nest.

craving a scone. cinnamon with a little bit of butter.

wondering when the new DCFC album is going to surface.

pondering gift ideas for all the upcoming birthdays/weddings i have this summer. normally good with this stuff, but i’m stumped this year.

starting to feel cabin fever set in.

currently…you are?



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4 responses to “currently…

  1. Currently bummed because the community garden work party has been rained out. It’s pouring here! But, in the end, it’s good for my shoulder tendonitis.

  2. It never really pours here, but it’s been pretty steady. The museum has an outdoor-ish event tomorrow I was supposed to be overseeing, hope the rain lets up for them. Gonna drawn up a Plan B set up and send it in just in case. :)

    Hope your shoulder gets a good rest then!

  3. I’m glaring at the gathering clouds, hoping that the rain holds off until after the Jane’s Walk. But if it does rain, it’ll be just like walking in Vancouver. Minus the ocean and the flowers and the leaves.

  4. Hope the rain held off for the walk yesterday. I’m crossing my fingers it just stays cloudy today here. Even with all the green here when it rains, it still will spoil the outdoor event.

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